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sexy dominatrixSexy dominatrix Chloe uses her angel body to manipulate men into doing whatever she says. Like making your jerk off for her in cam to cam, which if you’re under 6 inches just makes her laugh. She enjoys control, and small penis humiliation in cam to cam is one of her favorite ways of control. Get a private chat with her, she’ll tease her hot body in tiny panties, get you miserable little prick hard, then laugh when you jerk off for her hot ass. Give you a pussy flash – then take it way. God is she sexy! She’s a natural beauty, live for small penis humiliation webcam chat. A sexy femdom webcam dominatrix who doesn’t look like a dominatrix, more like a nude beauty model. She’s a humiliation hottie for dominatrix SPH, a kinky domme with a beautiful face and wonderful body. She’ll make you dress up in panties and flash your tiny cock at her in cam to cam. She’s got a wonderful laugh and you’ll hear it a lot in private sessions. Femdom JOI and SPH are her favorite kinks. Get a private chat with her and let her guide your small dick jack off session! She’s earned a 5/5 rating from 3851 members with an excellent 99% approval rating. Chloe is online for cam to cam, practicing SPH JOI, cuckolding, sissification, orgasm control, femdom humiliation, and all sorts of kinky stuff.

Sexy dominatrix ChloeSwift is online for small dick humiliation and femdom JOI – jerk off while she watches you in C2C!

Rated ★★★★★ by 3854 members with a 99% approval rating.

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Humiliation Mistress Crushes Small Penis Losers

humiliation mistressIncredibly sexy humiliation mistress Lady Sabrene is live for SPH JOI, ruthlessly mocking small cocks in cam to cam and making pencil dicks jerk off while she laughs. She’ seeking small dick losers to flash their pathetic pinky dicks at her on cam to cam. She’s a femdom mistress for humiliation carrying a mean streak and a kinky fetish personality. Mistress gets off on crushing pathetic male egos and subverting wallets. Ridiculing your pathetic limp dick is high on the list of things that get her off. She loves it! Lady Sabrene has been voted 5/5 stars by 74 members for her live humiliation chat. She does SPH JOI, CEI, cuckolding in cam to cam, live chat tease and denial and chastity training. She’s pretty ruthless and sexy as hell, a nice body on this humiliatrix, makes it easer to worship her pretty ass and take it when she abuses you in cam to cam. She’s top-rated and well-loved by members. Sissy dicked losers and men with tiny dicks love jacking off while she laughs at them in C2C. You probably will, too.

28 year old femdom mistress for webcam humiliation LadySabrene is online laughing at pin dick losers in C2C – get her in private for live small cock humiliation!

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Roleplay SPH Fetish Mistress – She Ridicules Little Dicks Losers in Chat

humiliation fetish mistressBubbly, bubble butt roleplay SPH fetish Mistress MsSassyFun is online for jerk off humiliation and small penis shaming. She’s a fantastic mistress specializing in femdom – femdom only. Smart, sexy and fun. She’ll mock your small cock and fuck your sissy ass with her huge strapon cock. She’s hung with it. Great for SPH fetish and live for sissy humiliation. She does live and private chat humiliating chodes and carrot cocks in cam to cam. Great body with a hot bubble butt and sweet, cruel smile, MsSassyFun earned her 5/5 stars from 978 members with an amazing 98% approval rating. 28 years old with tons of rave reviews. She’s popular as hell with pencil dicks. Probably because she’s so cruella kinky, sexy fun and dominant. Loves doing webcam small penis humiliation. Sissification and cucking. She’s one of the most popular roleplay SPH humiliation mistresses for good reason – she’s hot and dominant. She’s live for small dick humiliation in cam to cam, sissification and cuckolding, jerk off training and feminization roleplay.

Sexy small penis humiliation mistress MsSassyFun does hot live Femdom roleplay SPH and fetish humiliation – she’s online looking for losers with tiny pricks to laugh at.

Rated ★★★★★ by 984 members. Live for SPH, JOI, Humiliation, Sissification, Financial Domination.

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Bossy, Busty Small Penis Humiliation Webcam Mistress

Super sexy Stripperella is a small penis humiliation webcam mistress.

small penis humiliation webcam mistressAnd ya know what that means: you’re gonna see some big tits, and when you start stroking it for her in cam to cam, she’s gonna laugh at your loser little dick.


Stripperella is gonna strips tits & LOL at your Loser Little Cock

Busty blonde SPH camgirl seeks pencil dick losers to headfuck and XXX humiliation webcam sessions.


Rated ★★★★★ Her Fetishes: Mistress Worship • Domination •  Small Penis Humiliation • Jerk Off Instructions •  Sissy Training •  Financial Domination

Stripperella is a total hottie with a DD cups and a great ass. She’s 25 years old. Very pretty, kinky camgirl for small penis humiliation webcam sessions. She’s got the definite goods to get you stroking, both in looks and personality.


Shaking her sweet fanny and cockteasing like crazy is her method. She’s a natural teaser. She’ll get you hard, and get you off, one way or the other. If you’re looking for a hot, sweetly cruel mistress to humiliate you for having a little cock, she’s just about perfect.


She’s online LOLing at small dick losers in chat. Believe me, she’s meaner than she looks. She’ll ruin your ego, probably for good. She’s just cruel like that. If you’re looking for a hot mistress for small cock humiliation, she’s a fantastic top. She likes her men kinky, and submissive.


She’s an experienced humiliation mistress with a cruel streak for hot SPH femdom chat. A sexy blonde with big boobs and a beautiful face. You’ll love her. And most importantly, you will be obedient, because she demands it. She’s a thoroughly lovely blonde with a sexy body and pretty face, big boobs and a bubble butt, online looking for men who need a strong female hand to get off with. Stripperella does the hottest webcam small penis humiliation you’ve ever had.


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Beautiful Mistress Humiliates U 4 Having a Small Penis

beautiful mistressMoviestar beautiful SPH mistress Beatrice is online for webcam small penis humiliation. She’s a 25 year old stunner with a body as pretty as her pretty face.


BeatriceStar Shames Ur Micro Cock on Cam Beautiful mistress is online practicing femdom, domination and humiliation in private webcam sessions – she’s looking for little dick losers to LOL at online.


Rated ★★★★★ Age: 25 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Straight | Measurements: 35″-30″-35″ (88-76-88 cm) | Cup size: C | Ass size: Medium | Eye color: Brown | Hair: Brown | Ethnicity: Caucasian | Build: Curvy

Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation • Jerk Off Instructions • CEI • CBT • Cuckolding • Foot Femdom • Stockings/Lingerie • Leather/Latex Fetish • Smoking Fetish


sph femdom beauty lols at ur small penis, loserShe’s pretty as a peach and twice as kinky. Your tiny dick will make her laugh. She’ll LOL right in your face while you jack off in C2C. She’s online for hot SPH fetish chat. Maybe the hottest ever. She’s so scary pretty that you’ll be extra ashamed if you’re the least little bit insecure about your dick size. She likes her chat partners kinky and submissive. I can’t imagine a woman this beautiful settling for anything other than a rich dude with a big dick. Let’s assume your neither of those. But for chat you’re perfect. Inadequate and meek. A total beta with a laughable dick.

beautiful humiliatrixSmall penis losers are her favs to cam with. She does SPH in cam to cam, private small penis humiliation chat sessions. She’s sweet and comely with a pale pretty body. 24 years old and loves to show off.

She’s live for SPH fetish sessions, plus tons more femdom fetishes. This beautiful humiliation mistress is looking for submissive men with inadequate dicks to cam to cam with, and loser beta males who like to be punished. Just imagine this goddess laughing at your little dick while you’re furiously jerkin your gherkin.

Meet her online for a live humiliation session. She’s top-rated and loved by members. You’ll love her too. She’ll punish hard, like she does all inadequate losers.

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Very Hot Busty SPH Fetish Camgirl Shames Your Small Cock


big tits humiliation cam girlLooking for a big tits hottie who’ll shame your little dick?


Meet superhot busty camgirl Sunny. She enjoys doing cockteasing SPH fetish sessions on cam and enjoys exposing your small penis in cam to cam.


She’s got the body, beauty, and brains to get you off hard as hell if you’re looking for a big tits hottie for live small penis humiliation.


Sunny does Busty SPH fetish sessions in cam to cam. In private – just you jerking off, and her shaming your dick size.

And she gets filthy!


Chat with Sunny for live small penis shaming sessions

Busty camgirl  humiliates slaves and little dicks in cam to cam.


Rated ★★★★★ Her Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation • Dirty Talking • Cuckolding • Slave Training • Mistress Worship


She’s used to dudes who are probably double your size, and she gets off telling you all about fucking them. How much more pleasure she gets, and the mind-blowing orgasms your small cock could never give her.


Believe me, dick size has EVERYTHING to do with sexual performance. I’ve heard from enough women that 8 inches is the absolute minimum it takes to really get them off. You hear or read women saying that they prefer small dicks – that anything more than 4 or 5 inches is too big because it hurts. Don’t believe that shit. Society glorifies men with large penises for a reason.


If you don’t believe me, just ask Sunny. She’ll tease you hard, and really set you straight.


Sunny loves dirty talking and verbally humiliating small penis losers in hot live webcam busty sph fetish camgirlsessions. She doesn’t really look like a mean mistress, and while she does other things on cam, more vanilla things, believe me, she’s fantastically hot at SPH webcam sessions.


Sunny’s the kind of girl who’d tell all of her friends about your little dick. Actually I think about all women are like that. And that’s why her friends always seem to be smiling to the point of almost laughing at you. Just remember – women tell their friends everything.


Sunny’s comes with 5/5 stars from 1072 member ratings and tons of rave reviews. Some recent comments: Wish my tiny dick was bigger for her! ; Gorgeous girl, sweet smile, and loves to tease losers.;  She is a real goddess!


Live SPH humiliation is on of her favorites – and cuckolding, sissification, and femdom. She’s got a nearly perfect body, and pretty white teeth that twist into a cruel smile when she’s laughing at your cock while you pathetically stroke it for her in cam to cam.


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#1 Camgirl for SPH Fetish Exposes Your Tiny Dick on her Humiliation Webcam

humiliation webcam mistressIf you’re looking for a hot mistress for humiliation webcam sessions, step right up to Spicy Honey Pie, loser! She’s hot, highly rated for SPH webcam sessions, ice-queen cruel, and quite a vicious vixen.


Spicy Huny Pie Exposes Your Tiny Dick On Cam

Meet her online for hot & live small penis humiliation webcam sex.


Rated ★★★★★ Her Fetishes: Small Cock Humilation • Jerk Off Instructions • Cuckolding • Foot Fetish • POV Humiliation • Verbal Humiliation • Tease & Denial • CEI • Sissy Training • Ass Worship.

She’s a one-woman support group for men with small cocks. She’ll help you come to terms with having a inch-worm dick. Normally by laughing at you, but nonetheless, it’s treatment. She’ll command you to jerk off in front of her while she laughs at your little dick. Is a man really a man if he’s got a dick that small? Is it really a cock, or technically an clit? She’ll tell you about all the men with huge cocks (i.e. real men) who’ve given her mind-blowing orgasms.

She’ll drive you nuts with lust. She’s got the body and looks for it, but it’s her naturally kinky, dominant and cruel personality that really drives in the hook.

She’s really pretty. The picture doesn’t do her justice. Check out some more of her pics and you’ll see just how hot she is.

She’s got great legs, and one of the best asses I’ve ever seen.

Just wait til you see her live, bent over with a thong digging in between her perfect ass cheeks. That’ll get you stroking.

Like all women she goes crazy over men with big dicks. They can’t help themselves. Even an mistress for webcam SPH – I’ve seen it. One of the meanest SPH mistresses I’ve ever interacted with during a session was telling me about her BFs 8 inch cock, and her eyes just kind of glazed over, and I could tell she was getting horny just thinking about fucking him. Then she went back to humiliating me for having a 4 inch dick. It was so humiliating that I came right then and there just listening to her talking about her boyfriends huge cock.

She’ll dirty talk and hurl abuse at you while you jerk your tiny cock for her in small dick humiliation cam sessions – cam to cam SPH JOI in private. She’s a talented humiliatrix. A fiend. Expert at tease and denial and fantastic for humiliation webcam sex. A sexy SPH mistress who enjoys being the boss of you, and violating male egos in every way she can.

She’s on cam taunting men with small dicks = headfucking femdom SPH. And SPH fetish sex is one of her favorite kinks. If you’re a beta male with a weak dick (too small, too ugly, too narrow, too crooked), or even if you think your dick is fantastic (it probably isn’t, like 10% are after all), she’ll give you the hard truth. Sissy dick losers with a pain fetish for humiliating fetish sessions are her favorites. She’s top-rated by members with 5/5 stars. She’s lining em up, and mowing em down.


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SPH Mistress Cyber Shames Small Cock Losers On Cam

Hot ass SPH Mistress Pussy Cat is online looking for losers with tiny cocks to laugh at in SPH fetish webcam sessions. She’s a college girl humiliatrix who loves cockteasing her hot, heart-shaped ass in panties and thongs in private chat sessions. Then she will expose your small cock while you’re stroking it for her in cam to cam.

sph mistress
Pussy Cat Shames Your Small Cock On Cam

20 year old small penis humiliation mistress seeks pencil dicks for cock shaming webcam sessions.


Her Fetishes: Small Dick Humiliation • Cuckolding • Tease & Denial • Foot Fetish.

Pussy is 20 years old and earning money for books and tuition by humiliating tiny dick losers and ridiculing said men while they jack off for her hot ass in cam to cam.


You’ll love her if: You’re looking for a hot mistress for SPH, and one who’ll ruthlessly humiliate you and crush your ego.

You’ll hate her if: You’re looking for constructive criticism on you cock size. Pussy doesn’t play that. She’s ruthless doing webcam humiliation, and she’s online to fuck with heads, not fuck little dicks. Only hard core pain-seekers should apply.


This one loves to tease and deny. You can just tell – she gets off on it. The denial – especially if you’re packing less than 6 inches. Just look at that ass – do you really think she’d fuck a small dick man? I mean, c’mon, there’s no way.

She enjoys doing cyber domination and small cock humiliation on cam. Probably in street life, too. She’s just too good at webcam humiliation to not have some real-life experience in it.


I imagine she’s ran into her fair share of small penis losers. It seems like she has some experience at being disappointed in mens dick size, and experience that a lot of men like having their little dicks shamed on the attack. Maybe dude who have good enough patter to get her into bed, but once they pull their inadequate dick out, it’s game over.

Like most other women, she won’t fuck a man with a small cock. Or at least not more than once.


She will almost assuredly tell her girlfriends about the man she saw on cam with a riduculously small penis. She enjoys charging men with little cocks to give them permission to jerk off for her. It’s expensive, but the SPH fetish sex you’ll get with Pussy, she’ll make you cum hard for that cash.

And she’s an exceedingly charming camgirl for mistress SPH. One of my favorites. So sexy, and I think you’ll find her smart, clever, creatively cruel, and naturally dominant, too.

She’s high rated by members. A glowing 5/5 stars, and a 97% approval score based on 1,017 member ratings.

Her ass is her best feature. And I’m not even as ass man. She knows it, and will taunt your little dick in a variety of thongs that barely cover anything.

She enjoys watching you wank your pathetic limp dick while she laughs. As much as you get off on being humiliated, she gets off double that on humiliating you. That’s why her small penis humiliation cam sessions are so incredibly hot.

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Small Penis Webcam Mistress Exposes Your Little Dick Online

Small penis webcam mistress Diva does cam to cam SPH cam sessions. Self-descrived “spoiled brat greedy princess” seeks subs, slaves & little dicks for femdom humiliation training sessions in private. You’ll get to be one-on-one with this incredibly beautiful chat mistress, and she’ll fuck you up good and hard, and shame your tiny cock on cam.

small penis webcam mistress



One Great Diva Mocks Your Tiny Cock in Cam to Cam

Ruthless femdom beauty is online looking for men who enjoy being punished, dominated and humiliated for private small cock humiliation webcam training sessions.



Rated ★★★★★ Age: 23 | Sex: Female | Sexuality: Straight | Measurements: 36″-23″-36″ (91-58-91 cm) | Cup size: D | Ass size: Medium | Eye color: Brown | Hair: Black | Build: Muscular

Her Fetishes: Small Penis Humilation • Jerk Off Instructions • CEI • CBT • Foot Fetish • Financial Domination • Ass Worship

OneGreatDiva loves laughing at little dick losers stroking their pathetic small penises for her in private chat. She likes to cocktease, and boy does she have the goods for it. She’s hot as fuck. She’s an ass that makes me wanna bite my knuckles. 36DDs that are so perfect that you’re little dick will ache for stroking.

But no masturbation unless you get permission from your mistress unless you’re 8 inches and above. So, basically, no masturbation without permission for you.

Some of the various small penis shaming methods you might experience: forced (manipulated, really) into showing up at the pool in a size-too-small Speedo. You know those things expose everything even when they’re properly fitted. Too small and they’ll that you’re sorely, and obviously, lacking in cock size.

What a public spectacle.

Another cock-shaming SPH camgirl method: She makes you share with a female acquaintance your actual dick size. No exaggerating. Not even centimeter! And if you think you didn’t have a chance with a woman before, just let her know that your dick is 4 and a half inches at it’s rock-hard best.

That’ll put you into the friendzone, and fast. She might feel sorry for you, but that won’t get you fucked.

What’ll get you fucked is having a tiny dick – fucked in the head.

Small cocks make her laugh. This coming from a woman who’s beautiful enough to get top-flight men. Handsome men with big dicks. Rich men with large cocks. Not losers with 6 inches or less. You think you’re 5 inch rock-hard cock is gonna impress her?

Be my guest – flash your pathetic little dick for this hot SPH mistress and see what that gets you. A humiliating time, dick in hand.

And she won’t hesitate to tell you so in excruciating detail why she will never fuck you if you have a small dick. Never ever! She’s feisty, sexy and creativly cruel. She wants to watch you jack off your little clit dick for her in C2C.

She does multiple fetish plays on her cam, but her primary joy is small penis humiliation in C2C. She does not do nudity or fuck dildos, but you might be expected to do both! She’ll look right into yours in cam to cam, laughing while you stroke your pathetic pencil dick.

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Hairy Pussy Redhead 4 Dominatrix Small Penis Humiliation Sex

Hairy pussy redhead does dominatrix small penis humiliation in private webcam sessions. She’s a long-time, 28 year old humiliation mistress online taking applications to be her subumissive for private SPH fetish sessions.

small penis humiliation dominatrix


WetHairyPie mocks small penis losers in cam to cam

Real redhead dominatrix will be brutally honest about your inadequate cock.



Rated ★★★★★ Age: 28 | Sex: Female | Sexual Preference: Straight | Body Type:Petite | Bust Size:Medium | Eye Color:Green | Hair Color:Brown | Ethnicity:Caucasian

Her Fetishes: Hairy Pussy • Small Penis Humiliation • Cuckolding • Jerk Off Instructions • Anal • CEI • CBT


She doesn’t exactly look like a dominatrix, but don’t let that fool you. She’s been practicing femdom and humiliation online for a looong time, and she’s really good at it.

Note her 5/5 stars, from 495 member ratings, accompanied by comments such as, Best bondage on the web, Top Domme, and Great Jerk Off Instructions.

She does dominatrix small penis humiliation in private webcam sessions. You’ll be expected to bow before mistress, show her your shameful small cock, and only jerk off when she gives you permission to jerk off.

You’re signing away your will when you chat with this hot ass SPH webcam mistress. Your will – and your ego, too.


There will be a list of embarrasing practices for you to participate in. Your embarrasement for having a tiny cock must be revealed not only to mistress, but to others as well. You might be commanded to walk around the locker room naked. Normally only big swinging dicks have the balls (figuratively) to show off their cock in public. You’ll have to expose your shame for the world to see. You might have to join a small penis support group on Facebook. And post your own SPH story online.


Sexy redhead dominatrix WetHairyPie is live for small penis humiliation cam sex. She’s a horny, hot humiliation dominatrix into all kinds of kinky fetishes in her cam to cam sessions.

If you’re looking for live cam SPH, JOI, humiliation or domination, she’s definitely a camgirl you’ll want to meet.

She’ll make you stroke your tiny cock for her in live chat while she cockteases in leather and laughs at your pathetic pencil dick.

She’s got a fire-red hairy pussy and a big clit, and she’s a total showoff. Her body is fantastic, and she gets off on teasing it and while you stroke your little dick for her. She’ll laugh and insult you while you jack off for her in her humiliation chat room.


She thrives on ridiculing small dick losers and spanking pathetic sissy ass. I love dominant women in general, but a domme this pretty gets complete ownership of me. And of course she’s a findom. You’ll have to pay to play with this beauty. She’s got a lot of men lusting after her time. This mistress is a total dominant, no role play, that’s just the way she is.

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