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humiliation fetish mistressBubbly, bubble butt roleplay SPH fetish Mistress MsSassyFun is online for jerk off humiliation and small penis shaming. She’s a fantastic mistress specializing in femdom – femdom only. Smart, sexy and fun. She’ll mock your small cock and fuck your sissy ass with her huge strapon cock. She’s hung with it. Great for SPH fetish and live for sissy humiliation. She does live and private chat humiliating chodes and carrot cocks in cam to cam. Great body with a hot bubble butt and sweet, cruel smile, MsSassyFun earned her 5/5 stars from 978 members with an amazing 98% approval rating. 28 years old with tons of rave reviews. She’s popular as hell with pencil dicks. Probably because she’s so cruella kinky, sexy fun and dominant. Loves doing webcam small penis humiliation. Sissification and cucking. She’s one of the most popular roleplay SPH humiliation mistresses for good reason – she’s hot and dominant. She’s live for small dick humiliation in cam to cam, sissification and cuckolding, jerk off training and feminization roleplay.

Sexy small penis humiliation mistress MsSassyFun does hot live Femdom roleplay SPH and fetish humiliation – she’s online looking for losers with tiny pricks to laugh at.

Rated ★★★★★ by 984 members. Live for SPH, JOI, Humiliation, Sissification, Financial Domination.

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Very Hot Busty SPH Fetish Camgirl Shames Your Small Cock


big tits humiliation cam girlLooking for a big tits hottie who’ll shame your little dick?


Meet superhot busty camgirl Sunny. She enjoys doing cockteasing SPH fetish sessions on cam and enjoys exposing your small penis in cam to cam.


She’s got the body, beauty, and brains to get you off hard as hell if you’re looking for a big tits hottie for live small penis humiliation.


Sunny does Busty SPH fetish sessions in cam to cam. In private – just you jerking off, and her shaming your dick size.

And she gets filthy!


Chat with Sunny for live small penis shaming sessions

Busty camgirl  humiliates slaves and little dicks in cam to cam.


Rated ★★★★★ Her Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation • Dirty Talking • Cuckolding • Slave Training • Mistress Worship


She’s used to dudes who are probably double your size, and she gets off telling you all about fucking them. How much more pleasure she gets, and the mind-blowing orgasms your small cock could never give her.


Believe me, dick size has EVERYTHING to do with sexual performance. I’ve heard from enough women that 8 inches is the absolute minimum it takes to really get them off. You hear or read women saying that they prefer small dicks – that anything more than 4 or 5 inches is too big because it hurts. Don’t believe that shit. Society glorifies men with large penises for a reason.


If you don’t believe me, just ask Sunny. She’ll tease you hard, and really set you straight.


Sunny loves dirty talking and verbally humiliating small penis losers in hot live webcam busty sph fetish camgirlsessions. She doesn’t really look like a mean mistress, and while she does other things on cam, more vanilla things, believe me, she’s fantastically hot at SPH webcam sessions.


Sunny’s the kind of girl who’d tell all of her friends about your little dick. Actually I think about all women are like that. And that’s why her friends always seem to be smiling to the point of almost laughing at you. Just remember – women tell their friends everything.


Sunny’s comes with 5/5 stars from 1072 member ratings and tons of rave reviews. Some recent comments: Wish my tiny dick was bigger for her! ; Gorgeous girl, sweet smile, and loves to tease losers.;  She is a real goddess!


Live SPH humiliation is on of her favorites – and cuckolding, sissification, and femdom. She’s got a nearly perfect body, and pretty white teeth that twist into a cruel smile when she’s laughing at your cock while you pathetically stroke it for her in cam to cam.


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SPH Mistress Cyber Shames Small Cock Losers On Cam

Hot ass SPH Mistress Pussy Cat is online looking for losers with tiny cocks to laugh at in SPH fetish webcam sessions. She’s a college girl humiliatrix who loves cockteasing her hot, heart-shaped ass in panties and thongs in private chat sessions. Then she will expose your small cock while you’re stroking it for her in cam to cam.

sph mistress
Pussy Cat Shames Your Small Cock On Cam

20 year old small penis humiliation mistress seeks pencil dicks for cock shaming webcam sessions.


Her Fetishes: Small Dick Humiliation • Cuckolding • Tease & Denial • Foot Fetish.

Pussy is 20 years old and earning money for books and tuition by humiliating tiny dick losers and ridiculing said men while they jack off for her hot ass in cam to cam.


You’ll love her if: You’re looking for a hot mistress for SPH, and one who’ll ruthlessly humiliate you and crush your ego.

You’ll hate her if: You’re looking for constructive criticism on you cock size. Pussy doesn’t play that. She’s ruthless doing webcam humiliation, and she’s online to fuck with heads, not fuck little dicks. Only hard core pain-seekers should apply.


This one loves to tease and deny. You can just tell – she gets off on it. The denial – especially if you’re packing less than 6 inches. Just look at that ass – do you really think she’d fuck a small dick man? I mean, c’mon, there’s no way.

She enjoys doing cyber domination and small cock humiliation on cam. Probably in street life, too. She’s just too good at webcam humiliation to not have some real-life experience in it.


I imagine she’s ran into her fair share of small penis losers. It seems like she has some experience at being disappointed in mens dick size, and experience that a lot of men like having their little dicks shamed on the attack. Maybe dude who have good enough patter to get her into bed, but once they pull their inadequate dick out, it’s game over.

Like most other women, she won’t fuck a man with a small cock. Or at least not more than once.


She will almost assuredly tell her girlfriends about the man she saw on cam with a riduculously small penis. She enjoys charging men with little cocks to give them permission to jerk off for her. It’s expensive, but the SPH fetish sex you’ll get with Pussy, she’ll make you cum hard for that cash.

And she’s an exceedingly charming camgirl for mistress SPH. One of my favorites. So sexy, and I think you’ll find her smart, clever, creatively cruel, and naturally dominant, too.

She’s high rated by members. A glowing 5/5 stars, and a 97% approval score based on 1,017 member ratings.

Her ass is her best feature. And I’m not even as ass man. She knows it, and will taunt your little dick in a variety of thongs that barely cover anything.

She enjoys watching you wank your pathetic limp dick while she laughs. As much as you get off on being humiliated, she gets off double that on humiliating you. That’s why her small penis humiliation cam sessions are so incredibly hot.

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Bossy, Busty Mistress Humiliates U 4 Having A Loser Penis

busty mistress humilates youBusty mistress Angie is online for hot n kinky femdom humiliation and small penis shaming sessions. She’s a 26 year old hot body with D cups, a thin waist, and a 32 inch ass – outstanding! This sexy SPH mistress just adores showing off her incredible body in live chat. She’ll tease your tiny tiny penis, and laugh when you jack your pathetic pencil dick to her lovely big boobs. She’ll be the best live SPH humiliation mistress you’ve ever had, and easily one of the hottest. I don’t know which is hotter on this kinky camgirl – her big boobs, heart-shaped sexy ass. Maybe her beautiful face. 5 star rated webcam mistress Angie does femdom and small penis humiliation in private live chat.

DesirableAngie Cam ← Busty mistress humiliates you for having a loser small dick while you jerk it like an animal for her big, beautiful D cups.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: Goddess Femdom, Small Penis Humiliation, Jerk off Instructions, CEI, CBT, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Latex.

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Milf Mistress Webcam Humiliation

mistress cam small penis humiliationMilf Mistress Lovely Wife does webcam humiliation in private chat sessions. She’s a 49 year old horndog online for SPH webcam sessions – she gets off making short dicks jerk off while she exposes her hot ass in cam to cam

Lovely Wife shames small cock losers on cam Kinky milf mistress seeks subs and pencil dicks for small penis humiliation online.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation • Jerk Off Instructions • Cuckolding • Sissy Training • Feminization • Dirty Talking • Mutual Masturbation • Roleplay

She’s pretty perverted and does some wild fetishes online. She likes cam to cam so she can watch, too. She does very hot webcam humiliation sessions and has no shame when it comes to webcam SPH – she gets wild with it. Laughing, insults. Making you measure it, calling your bluff if you try and exaggerate.

This Lovely Wife is 49 years old and still has a stunning body. Thin, great ass, point nipples on A cups. She’s an exhibitionist and gets off showing off and cockteasing in cam to cam. The perfect milf for hot humiliation on cam.

If you’re packing a small dick and ask her, “Mistress, humiliate my small penis!?” She’s gonna give it to you hard. There’s no half-measures with this mistress. She’s smart, too, which will make it worse. Creatively cruel, and she probably gets off on humiliating you for having a tiny cock as much as you get off on it.

She’s top-rated by members with 5/5 stars and a 100% approval score coming from 1,839 ratings.

She’s currently seeking subs, pain-seekers and little dicks for webcam humiliation in am to cam. If you want to get off with a self-assured, mature, very hot & horny small cock humiliation mistress with a fetish attitude and little in the way of inhibitions, she’s practically perfect.

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Cruel Mistress Webcam Small Penis Humiliation

cruel mistress webcam small penis humiliationHotPini does cruel mistress webcam small penis humiliation. She’s a 24 year old goddess online seeking to chat with and humiliate little dick losers just like you. If you’re packing less than 6 inches, she’d like a word with you.

HotPini humiliates men with small cocks on cam Cruel webcam mistress seeks pencil dick losers for webcam humiliation sessions.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: Financial Domination • Slave Training • Small Penis Humiliation • Roleplay • Sissy Training

She gets off taunting men with tiny dicks. Like 6 inches or less. She considers that tiny. I don’t know what kind of men she sees. She’ll give you maybe the best live SPH webcam session you’ve ever had. She’s ruthlessly cruel and incredibly sexy. Great ass. Big pretty white teeth when she LOLs at your dick. I hope you’re not going to chat with her to impress her with your cock size. Probably won’t happen. If you’re insecure about it, she’ll set you right. She’s brutally honest ridiculing men with small dicks.

Pini can be bossy, arrogant, domineering, But once you get a load of her online, you’ll kinda understand. She’s a totally beautiful mistress. Achingly pretty, incredible body. Can’t blame the girl for being sure of herself. She’s the kind of women who’ll make you’re heart skip a beat when she smiles. And I’d bet the kind of women who’d make you nervous talking to her in person. That said, she’s fun and friendly, and fantastic as webcam small penis humiliation.

She’s top-rated by members with 5/5 stars and a 98% approval rating based on 1,191 ratings.

It’s not only that she’s hot, although she’s that, in spades. I think it’s that she’s just a sucker for a submissive. A total dominatrix for SPH. She gets off handing out mental pain. Loves being THE BOSS. Your boss, believe me. And little dick losers – she’s loves to tease them. She’s a ballbreaker, and totally kinky in cam to cam. Jerk your pathetic small penis while she points at you and laughs. LOLs right in your jerkoff pathetic face. She’ll make you stroke your so-called dick for her in private chat.

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Coed Webcam SPH Mistress

coed webcam sph mistressCoed webcam SPH mistress Kimmy is hot as hell and online for cam to cam small penis humiliation. She’s got a hot body built for cockteasing subs and little dick losers. A brat/flirt personality that’ll make you ache to bury your throbbing pencil dick in her ass. But Kimmy’s not that kinda camgirl; she’s only online to fuck with your head, not fuck your pathetic small cock, and she’ll let you know posthaste.

Kinky coed camgirl Kimmy wants to LOL at ur Micro Cock Online She’s a sexy mistress and she’s online for C2C humiliation webcam chat with horny submissive men and small dick losers.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: Small Penis Humiliation • Jerk Off Instructions • Financial Domination • Foot Fetish

Kimmy’s a brutally sexy, very kinky coed for webcam SPH mistress sessions. It’s mostly roleplay with Kimmy – laughing at your micro cock on cam. But man does she have fun with it. I’ve yet to meet a camgirl who has so much fun doing small penis humiliation online as much as Kimmy. She’s got this sweetly cruel giggle that she’ll unleash on your ego. And brother, if you’re packing less than 6 inches, or even a thin 6 inches, Kimmy is gonna have some fun at your expense.

She’ll make your stroke your short dick for her in private chat. She’ll sternly suggest that you improve your jerk off technique if you want to jerk it for her in cam to cam. You gotta earn that. Might give you jack off pointers to cum hard. Who knows? You might have to beg, and begging turns her on.

This sexy, 20 year old webcam mistress does SPH and JOI cam sessions with her choice of sissies and small cock losers. She’s so sexy that you might spontaneously jizz your pants when you see her naked for the first time. She’s stern and bossy rather that cold and cruel, and she’s looking for horny chat partners who would like to be mentally flogged by a hot 20 year old coed.


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Shemale SPH Mistress Small Penis Humiliation Cam

shemale sph mistressHung shemale SPH mistress Nadia is online for tranny cock compare and small dick humiliation webcam sessins. She’s packing a 9 inch rod that’ll most likely put your pencil dick to shame. A big, throbbing shemale cock that she loves shaming losers with cam to cam.


She’ll laugh at you while you jack off for her big tits and hot cock in private chat, and show you how its done.


She’ll stroke her huge shemale cock while you frantically masturbate trying to keep up. Good luck, because her cock is huge, a thick, veiny 9 inch rod that she proudly strokes in C2C.


As if that isn’t enough, this shemale mistress gets off fucking sissy ass with her battering ram of a penis. She’s a powerful mistress, both physically and mentally.


Hung TS mistress NadiaVixen is online online for cam-2-cam dick humiliation – She will show you how to jack off properly with her 9″ tranny cock


She’s pretty sweet, but kinky as hell and gets off doing SPH live cam session. Humiliation and dominating meek men and losers in cam 2 cam is her bread and butter.


There’s something especially embarrasing about being out-dicked by a shemale.


She’s a small dick humiliator, shemale SPH mistress, leather loving dominatrix with a goddess complex, and an aching desire to humiliate sissy boys and smal dick losers. Rated 5/5 by her members, she’s online and ready to chat about your inadequate tiny weiner with you.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: • Small Penis Humiliation • Sissification • Feminization • Financial Fetish •  Cock Worship.


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Big Tits Humiliatrix SPH Humiliation Chat

big tits humiliatrixBig tits humiliatrix PassionInLove will tease your tiny dick in cam to cam and laugh at you when you jack off for her. She loves to watch you jack your small penis!

Big tits humiliatrix PassionInLove LOLs at ur Small Cock online here & does tons of fetishes in her live chatroom. This long-time camgirl wants your little cock out for SPH webcam chat.

Rated ★★★★★ Fetishes: • Tease & Denial • Small Penis Humiliation • Jerk Off Instructions • Cuckolding • CBT • Humiliation • Feminization

She does a hot cam to cam SPH humiliation and cruel jerk off instructions in cam to cam. This woman is so sexy – big hot tits and the sweetest ass, pretty face. Pretty much the total package for SPH cam sessions.

Her dirty talking is incredible and she loves to tease her hot body. Jack your tiny penis for her in cam to cam – she’s a professional at live SPH humiliation chat and she loves being dominant.

She’s 30 years old and is rated 5/5 stars by 4468 members with a 98% approval rating. She’s got a long list of femdom fetishes specializing in small penis humiliation cam chat, and she’s looking for submissives, losers and slaves to chat with!


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Small Penis Humiliator Vanda

small penis humiliatorSmall penis humiliator is online tormenting small cocks and balls losers in hot, live & private SPH webcam sessions.


Chat w/ MistressVanda 4 online femdom humiliation  Busty SPH mistress seeks small cock losers for hot, live & private femdom chat sex



Rated ★★★★★  Fetishes: • BDSM •  CBT • Spanking • Paddling •  Small Penis Humiliation • Femdom Roleplay •  Financial Domination •  Cuckolding


Vanda is a latex and leather dominatrix. Well-experienced in all facets of domination and humiliation. She’s a small woman with a big personality. A hard-hitting small penis humiliator, and she’ll cum at you hard. She’s got a real attitude, this one, and a hard whip, too.


She’s into head fucking submissive losers and verbally humiliating men with inadequate dicks. If you’re wondering if your dick is too small, get a C2C live SPH webcam session with her and she’ll set you straight. Honestly it probably is, and if a hot, hard woman LOLing at your tiny prick gets you excited, I assure you, Mistress Vanda will LOL like hell.


She’s a practiced professional webcam domme adept at mocking your small cock in cam to cam. She’ll pound your sissy ass, too with her huge strapon dildo. She’ll make a femdom slut out of you, by hook or by crook. She’ll likely give you the best humiliation webcam chat you’ve likely ever had.


She’s into small penis humiliation webcam sex that’ll get you off hard as hell. She’s going to make you feel real bad about the little shrivled up love bean you’re so probably proud of. She loves punishing sissy boys, and she’s a natural at it. She’s into role play and domination, live SPH webcam sex,  and hot humiliation in private chat. She’s like a point and shoot dominatrix. Tell her your fetish, yield while she takes over.

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